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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Version Resolution
#8254 Style names should be applied to VOverlays also naiad defect major 6.7.3
#6777 OptionGroup focus and blur listeners are not called on mouseclicks Jonatan Kronqvist defect normal 6.5.4

Status: assigned (10 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Version Resolution
#6307 Inter-portlet communication example broken ticketmaster defect major 6.5-trunk
#7060 Chameleon Theme demo tab sheets appear broken in Safari 5 ticketmaster defect major 6.6.0
#7025 Menubar should indicate focus when focusing the component from the server side or with the keyboard Bugfix Priority Queue enhancement normal 6.6.0
#7063 CSS generated by Chameleon Theme contains output that shouldn't be there. ticketmaster defect normal 6.6.4
#7105 height of Accordion too small if icon in tab is taller than caption ticketmaster defect normal 6.6.0
#7364 Table resize in browser does not resize columns ticketmaster defect normal 6.6.3
#7496 Theme files loaded from a css file using AlphaImageLoader only works in the root context ticketmaster defect normal 6.7-trunk
#9019 Bad user experience to select the row of a table in edit mode ticketmaster enhancement normal 6.7.10
#3029 TextField does not check null representation for values from server ksnortum defect minor 6.0.0-pre1
#1771 Table: size() function called more times than needed ticketmaster enhancement trivial 5.1.2

Status: closed (7 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Version Resolution
#7555 Debug Window broken in IE6 and IE7 ticketmaster defect blocker 6.7-trunk worksforme
#9463 Support IE10 natively in Vaadin 6 ticketmaster enhancement critical 6.8.2 wontfix
#7875 Unable to build widgetset on ANT ticketmaster defect major 6.7.1 invalid
#9676 Combobox left icon appears malpositioned in Google Chrome navigator. ticketmaster defect major 6.8.3 needmoreinfo
#5378 RichTextArea does not work properly in IE6 ticketmaster defect normal 6.4.0 needmoreinfo
#6868 TextField input prompt text style is not being applied when user presses the esc key ticketmaster defect normal 6.6-trunk duplicate
#4375 Text in debug console allows scrolling down the whole application ticketmaster defect minor 6.2.6 worksforme

Status: new (81 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Version Resolution
#8087 Investigate why McAfee incorreclty reports a trojan in the widgetset and what can be done about it ticketmaster task critical 6.7.2
#5067 Table.setContainerDataSource should retain sort order ticketmaster defect major 6.3.2
#5450 Table headers fixed in Opera when scrolling defect major 6.4.2
#5716 Vaadin applications do not work on localhost without a network connection (Windows) ticketmaster defect major 6.4.5
#5755 NPE in AbstractCommunicationManager when calling Application.close in Liferay environment ticketmaster defect major 6.4.5
#5798 Scrolling possible in a disabled Table ticketmaster defect major 6.4.6
#6400 Property doesn't take into account primitives ticketmaster defect major 6.5.0
#6467 Child windows don't re-adjust their positions if the size of the browser changes. ticketmaster defect major 6.5.1
#6594 ListenerMethod should throw promised exception if multiple methods are found ticketmaster defect major 6.5.2
#7195 Upload.focus() does not do anything defect major 6.6.2
#7215 ComboBox / AbstractSelect NewItem added again/erroneously when de-focusing ticketmaster defect major 6.6.2
#7481 Click on Select button with requestRepaint() after another field immediate changes defect major 6.6.5
#7641 Text alignment in ComboBox and DateField changed in Chrome 14 Jouni Koivuviita defect major 6.6.6
#7649 Scrolling outside Table aborts in Chrome on Windows ticketmaster defect major 6.7-trunk
#7751 Embedded does not tell parent about size changes ticketmaster defect major 6.7.0
#7752 Embedded image incorrectly rendered in IE6 ticketmaster defect major 6.7.0
#7872 Setting cache rate to 0 causes the first row of the Table to be missing ticketmaster defect major 6.7.1
#7945 TreeTable body height incorrectly calculated in IE when there are icons ticketmaster defect major 6.7.2
#8358 layout click event on richtext area not working ticketmaster defect major 6.7.4
#8603 SQLContainer removeAllItems() with autoCommit ERRORS ticketmaster defect major 6.7.6
#8802 SQLContainer removeItem Error when isModified ticketmaster defect major 6.7.6
#8840 Context menu disappears from tree upon re-paint. ticketmaster defect major 6.7.7
#9291 ComboBox dropdown icon appears below list box in Chrome. defect major 6.8-trunk
#9459 TabSheet bug ticketmaster defect major 6.8.2
#3878 Remove focus outline from subwindows Jouni Koivuviita defect normal 6.2.0-pre1
#4199 Modal sub window should always receive focus when it's set visible defect normal 6.2.4
#4227 (WebKit) "Minimal" style (reindeer) TabSheet does not render properly when adding tabs to an empty TabSheet ticketmaster defect normal 6.2.4
#4261 Modality curtain doesn't block NativeSelects in IE6 ticketmaster defect normal 6.2.5
#4538 AbsoluteLayout doesn't accept drops everywhere ticketmaster defect normal 6.3.0
#4545 Notifications (system) are not removed when navigating using browser back or forward ticketmaster defect normal 6.3.0
#5097 Cursor: Tree uses default cursor for expand/collapse buttons Jouni Koivuviita defect normal 6.3.3
#5228 GAEApplicationServlet too eager with session cleanup ticketmaster defect normal 6.3.4
#5401 Mouse cursor remains behind or moves forward during moving subwindow if Zoom was changed. ticketmaster defect normal 6.4.1
#5427 Current value of Table is not correctly updated if changing the editable flag in ItemClickListener ticketmaster defect normal 6.4.1
#5435 Changing visibility of modal dialog does not work when another modal dialog is present ticketmaster defect normal 6.4.1
#5495 Cannot focus a field in modal popup with keyboard ticketmaster defect normal 6.4.2
#5497 Main window eats focus when moving focus away from modal popup with shift-tab ticketmaster defect normal 6.4.2
#5587 Resize event not fired reliable on iphone safari ticketmaster defect normal 6.4.1
#5648 Cursor problem with Upload component Jouni Koivuviita defect normal 6.4.4
#5663 Tray notification in wrong place in IE7/IE8 with Liferay Theme Henri Kerola defect normal 6.4.4
#5694 Flashing contents in a ComboBox ticketmaster defect normal 6.4.4
#5721 Changing immediate field on undefined width Slider changes slider width ticketmaster defect normal 6.4.5
#5816 Closing PopupView by clicking programmed show button is buggy ticketmaster defect normal 6.4.6
#5825 Required + Read-only on a form field ticketmaster defect normal 6.4.6
#5878 ClassPathExplorer path problem ticketmaster defect normal 6.4.6
#5914 SplitPanel cursor changes back to default during dragging ticketmaster defect normal trunk
#5923 Column expand ratio on undefined width Table ticketmaster defect normal 6.4.7
#5934 ContainerOrderedWrapper throws NullPointerException ticketmaster defect normal 6.4.7
#5951 Changing menubar width from fixed to undefined renders extra menu items defect normal
#5967 DateField showing wrong week days names with Chinese locale ticketmaster defect normal trunk
#6015 Menu is not always closed when losing focus ticketmaster defect normal 6.4.8
#6028 HorizontalLayout is not resized when contained Table resizes (IE6) ticketmaster defect normal 6.4.8
#6047 WebApplicationContext ticketmaster defect normal 6.4.8
#6051 IE7 caches DownloadStreams even when cacheTime=0 ticketmaster defect normal 6.5-trunk
#6104 TwinColSelect cannot handle changes between defined and auto width ticketmaster defect normal 6.4.8
#6230 IE7: Tree calculates width wrong when in Panel and width is undefined ticketmaster defect normal 6.5-trunk
#6245 Table.setVisibleColumns() causes table to forget column headers, icons, alignment ticketmaster defect normal 6.4.8
#6255 Hiding tabs in a TabSheet can hide the navigation as well ticketmaster defect normal 6.4.8
#6256 Hiding the last tab still shows the component ticketmaster defect normal 6.4.8
#6279 GridLayout calculates cell sizes differently in different browsers ticketmaster defect normal 6.4.9
#6287 Table.requestRepaint loses tab index for fields inside table ticketmaster defect normal 6.5.0.pre2
#6303 Table header wider than Table in IE6 ticketmaster defect normal 6.5-trunk
#6326 Tree scrolls so that selection is always in the top left in Opera 11 ticketmaster defect normal 6.5.0
#6458 Type mismatch in openList.contains in ticketmaster defect normal 6.5.1
#6474 Table.getColumnAlignment returns "b" for properties not in the container ticketmaster defect normal 6.5.1
#6483 Dragged component styles fails Jouni Koivuviita defect normal 6.5.1
#6500 On Macintosh Ctrl-Click on multiselect table must not change selection ticketmaster defect normal 6.5.1
#6579 Tabsheet with style Reindeer.TABSHEET_MINIMAL is rendered incorrectly in IE6/IE7 Jouni Koivuviita defect normal 6.5.2
#6759 SplitPanel doesn't show a horizontal scrollbar for a tree ticketmaster defect normal 6.5.4
#6854 IE9: Table column is sometimes too wide ticketmaster defect normal 6.6-trunk
#6890 Extra scrollbars in Chrome/Safari when zoom != 100% ticketmaster defect normal 6.6-trunk
#6929 AbstractSelect.setValue fails silently in multiselect mode when setting a non-collection value ticketmaster enhancement normal 6.6.0.pre1
#6935 Table's pageLength is recalculated even though it is set to 0 ticketmaster defect normal 6.5.7
#6966 Layout size recalculation not triggered on zoom in IE8 and IE7 ticketmaster defect normal 6.6.0
#7013 ComboBox with item icons & undefined width is broken ticketmaster defect normal 6.6.0
#7046 LoginForm might not properly unregister URI handler ticketmaster defect normal 6.6.0
#7049 PopupView at the bottom of the viewport causes scrollbars on popup in IE7 ticketmaster defect normal 6.6.0
#7054 ComboBox: Buttons in suggestion popup do not have active style in Firefox ticketmaster defect normal 6.6.0
#7109 Refreshing a page with an open pop-up renders the pop-up incorrectly ticketmaster defect normal 6.6.0
#7139 LoginForm in subwindow uses invalid form action URL ticketmaster defect normal 6.6.1
#7169 Calendar panel height calculation fails ticketmaster defect normal 6.6.1
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