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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#8134 Use JDiff to produce API differences report new ticketmaster task major
#8152 My Eclipse,Blue edition plugin to integrate Vaadin new Pandu.Puli task major
#8171 Check if LoginForm can be replaced by a less hackish solution accepted Leif Astrand task major
#8199 Theme needs a facelift new ticketmaster enhancement major
#8200 Add Multiweek view new ticketmaster enhancement major
#8220 Stacktraces should not be shown in the UI new ticketmaster defect major
#8254 Style names should be applied to VOverlays also accepted naiad defect major
#8255 Create a abstract layout class for indexed layouts new ticketmaster enhancement major
#8280 Move Google App Engine test to a separate virtual server new ticketmaster task major
#8283 Document the WSRP add-on accepted Marko Gronroos task major
#8286 Get the exact width and height of a component in Vaadin as well as get absolute top,left,right,bottom of component new ticketmaster enhancement major
#8296 Configure which browsers to test outside the projects new ticketmaster task major
#8316 Test all common deployment scenarios new ticketmaster task major
#8358 layout click event on richtext area not working new ticketmaster defect major
#8417 error in PropertyFormatter setPropertyDataSource function new ticketmaster defect major
#8432 Improved flexibility of table header with custom components new ticketmaster enhancement major
#8456 Support multiple RPC methods with same name but different parameters new ticketmaster enhancement major
#8468 Make it possible to run GWTTestCase tests automatically new ticketmaster enhancement major
#8470 Create test for serialization of static inner classes new ticketmaster task major
#8493 Scrolling a Table on Android devices works intermittently new ticketmaster defect major
#8514 Move read only from Component to Field new ticketmaster enhancement major
#8528 Size validation and analyze layouts on client side new ticketmaster enhancement major
#8548 Table and TreeTable header filter new ticketmaster enhancement major
#8549 Convert drag'n'drop to be RPC based new ticketmaster enhancement major
#8573 Optimize hierarchy communication new ticketmaster enhancement major
#8603 SQLContainer removeAllItems() with autoCommit ERRORS new ticketmaster defect major
#8616 Calendar events in the month view should be sorted by start date new John Ahlroos defect major
#8628 Support partial updates in Table/TreeTable assigned ticketmaster enhancement major
#8629 ComboBox (undefined) has incorrect width in IE8 new ticketmaster defect major
#8635 Add "initiator" to all events new ticketmaster enhancement major
#8640 Refactor event router so it does not use reflection new ticketmaster enhancement major
#8648 Vaadin Portlet - Deserialization issue on weblogic 11g new ticketmaster defect major
#8705 Extra scrollbars in Table and TreeTable new ticketmaster defect major
#8760 Embedded.setStandby() must support all content types. new ticketmaster enhancement major
#8787 Multi selection in a table doesn't garanty order (HashSet) reopened ticketmaster defect major Vaadin 7.4
#8802 SQLContainer removeItem Error when isModified new ticketmaster defect major
#8806 Replace all "/VAADIN/" hard coded strings with a constant you can override in AbstractApplicationServlet new ticketmaster enhancement major
#8824 Allow file format extension to define the editor to use new ticketmaster enhancement major
#8826 Add support for other formats than Java assigned Marc Englund enhancement major
#8840 Context menu disappears from tree upon re-paint. new ticketmaster defect major
#8886 Make it more obvious that the application is running in development mode new ticketmaster enhancement major
#9035 Add extensive testing for serialization of shared state new ticketmaster task major
#9052 Changing visibility of layout containing table breaks the table new ticketmaster defect major
#9090 Missing blur events in tests cause invalid screenshots new ticketmaster defect major
#9093 Bug when using "white-space: pre-wrap" Table new ticketmaster defect major
#9131 RichTextArea can not be scrolled in iOS new ticketmaster defect major
#9152 Automaticly dataloading for tables in tabsheet don't work with drag and drop new ticketmaster defect major
#9167 GridLayout does not resize when adding (unhiding) components (IE7) new ticketmaster defect major
#9177 Error on TreeTable with lots of datas new ticketmaster defect major
#9198 Support drag'n'drop folder upload new ticketmaster enhancement major
#9221 Split servlet handling static files to separate class new ticketmaster enhancement major
#9225 Debug console should show ServerToClientRpc new ticketmaster enhancement major
#9229 Optimized field names in JSON new ticketmaster enhancement major
#9258 Ability to support the itemrenderer concept (flex) or Template concept (Sencha GXT) new ticketmaster enhancement major
#9291 ComboBox dropdown icon appears below list box in Chrome. new defect major
#9358 Create a BackgroundWorker helper new ticketmaster enhancement major
#9364 Support URLs without fragments in Navigator new ticketmaster enhancement major
#9366 Double click does not work in IE 8 new ticketmaster defect major
#9369 ComboBox should select selected value on TAB also when new items are allowed reopened anmkosk defect major
#9421 Timeline should use the new Container.Indexed range api new John Ahlroos enhancement major
#9455 Wrong table item gets selected (scrollbar jumps up on select) new ticketmaster defect major
#9459 TabSheet bug new ticketmaster defect major
#9464 Periodically check for Vaadin and Eclipse plugin updates new ticketmaster enhancement major
#9468 Extract EntryPoint logic from ApplicationConfiguration new ticketmaster enhancement major
#9484 ContextMenu don't work in Tree with touch devices new ticketmaster defect major
#9504 Write a "Listening to servlet requests" tutorial new John Ahlroos task major
#9507 It should be possible to redirect to another view in ViewChangeListener.navigatorViewChanged() new ticketmaster defect major
#9531 ScssStylesheet.compile throws Exception new ticketmaster defect major
#9573 VaadinClasses.findClasses does not work in uitest.war new ticketmaster defect major
#9583 Create a OSGi integration test accepted denis task major
#9603 Vaadin should use GWT.unloadModule() when application is closed new ticketmaster enhancement major
#9614 Write a tutorial on using SQLContainer with FieldGroup new ticketmaster task major
#9622 Restructure the Vaadin 7 all zip package new ticketmaster enhancement major
#9627 Focus on text field brokes a field new ticketmaster defect major
#9664 Set up infrastructure for testing on Safari 7 on Mac accepted Mikael Vappula task major
#9665 Opera does not support window().setSize new Jonatan Kronqvist defect major
#9692 Liferay Communication Problem - SyntaxError Unexpected token ) new ticketmaster defect major
#9712 Vaadin Calendar - Cannot drag events on touch browsers new John Ahlroos defect major
#9769 TreeTable should use v-treetable as its primary stylename new ticketmaster enhancement major
#9781 Change table columns count accepted Artur Signell defect major
#9800 Investigate how to best support hierarchical navigation new ticketmaster task major
#9811 Non-collapsible columns should not be listed in the pop-up new ticketmaster enhancement major
#9839 Rewrite Action handling so client side actions are possible new ticketmaster enhancement major
#9882 Convert Liferay theme to scss new ticketmaster enhancement major
#9905 FormLayout does not work properly with primary stylenames new ticketmaster defect major
#9906 GridLayout.setPrimaryStylename does not change the stylename for the slots new ticketmaster defect major
#9909 NativeSelect does not work properly with primary stylenames new ticketmaster defect major
#9910 OptionGroup does not properly support primary stylenames new ticketmaster defect major
#9911 Panel does not work properly with primary stylenames new ticketmaster defect major
#9912 PopupView does not work properly with primary stylenames new ticketmaster defect major
#9914 Tree does not support primary stylenames properly new ticketmaster defect major
#9915 TreeTable does not support primary stylenames properly new ticketmaster defect major
#9916 TwinColSelect does not work properly with primary stylenames new ticketmaster defect major
#9918 Maven goal to create a widgetset new ticketmaster enhancement major
#9919 Upload does not work properly with primary stylenames new ticketmaster defect major
#9928 Support JSON objects in state and as RPC parameters new ticketmaster enhancement major
#9984 Make multi-tab logout possible new ticketmaster enhancement major
#9985 Invalid dates created by popupDateField new ticketmaster defect major
#9990 JPAContainer.refresh() tries to refresh unmanaged entity new Matti Tahvonen defect major
#9991 Internal problem getting window URL, please report new ticketmaster defect major
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