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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#4081 Session expires even though the Liferay session is automatically extended reopened ticketmaster defect blocker
#7690 in Mobile Safari, dragging Button causes ClickEvent when it shouldn't new ticketmaster defect blocker
#7866 bug in Average Votes text on blog assigned Tomi Virkki defect blocker
#7920 PortletListener hasn't called in Liferay 6.1.0-B3 new ticketmaster defect blocker
#7979 emoticons should be ignored in code blocks assigned Tomi Virkki defect blocker
#8553 window content changing upon dragging new ticketmaster defect blocker
#9401 "Report a bug" search should query for "Summary CONTAINS keyword" assigned Tomi Virkki defect blocker
#9649 CustomLayout sets height of component to zero on resize (randomly) new ticketmaster defect blocker
#9785 All public methods in AbstractField should be declared in interfaces new ticketmaster enhancement blocker
#10135 ALWAYS put a wrapper div around TextField's <input /> element reopened ticketmaster enhancement blocker
#10233 Write blog post about service API and how things relate to each other new Marc Englund task blocker
#10234 Write blog post about how to serve a PDF file new Marc Englund task blocker
#10275 Revise ComponentContainer API changes new Marko Gronroos defect blocker
#10544 typing in ComboBox causes Internal Error accepted johannes.tuikkala defect blocker
#11112 Can't save file with compilation errors new ticketmaster defect blocker
#11256 Review related links for each sample assigned Marko Gronroos task blocker
#11671 Measure performance of websockets and XHR new Marc Englund task blocker
#13043 Make Eclipse 'New TouchKit Project' new ticketmaster enhancement blocker
#14344 Update TeamCity new Saulis task blocker
#14450 Tabsheet close button not shown on tabsheet (Firefox 24) reviewing Jouni Koivuviita defect blocker Vaadin 7.3.0
#14483 Release Book of Vaadin 7 Edition 4th Revision assigned Marko Gronroos task blocker
#14515 Could not compile TK projects twice new Marc Englund defect blocker
#2392 Decide on which methods to make protected for the most used UI components new ticketmaster task critical
#2458 Make implementing Container's easier new ticketmaster enhancement critical
#2793 Document thread safety characteristics and how to use background threads new Marko Gronroos task critical
#3768 Document the new event api (#3234) new Marko Gronroos task critical
#3769 Document how to create a client side widget new Marko Gronroos task critical
#3770 Document how to create a component container new Marko Gronroos task critical
#4232 Design a lazy loading table which does not know the total number of rows new ticketmaster task critical
#4236 Add dependencies to the version specific information assigned Tomi Virkki enhancement critical
#4603 Embed browser into the plugin new ticketmaster task critical
#4625 Add support for custom themes new ticketmaster enhancement critical
#5288 Test using Safari 7 accepted Artur Signell task critical
#5983 Create a widgetset compilation test new ticketmaster task critical
#6292 Mail portlet MessageContainer is broken new ticketmaster defect critical
#6564 Most functionality disabled in source view if design view generates invalid code new ticketmaster defect critical
#6640 When parsing fails the design view is still opened with the half parsed model reopened John Ahlroos defect critical
#6648 Create an introductionary tutorial for the Visual Designer new ticketmaster task critical
#7082 Write section "Creating a phone UI" new Marko Gronroos task critical
#7083 Write section "Creating a tablet UI" new Marko Gronroos task critical
#7084 Write section "Testing without the hardware" new Marko Gronroos task critical
#7358 Table Inside Table new Artur Signell enhancement critical
#7488 Demo SQLContainer in Sampler new ticketmaster task critical
#7498 Include TouchKit into Custom Build new Jonatan Kronqvist task critical
#7935 All components is not ready for long caption new ticketmaster defect critical
#8063 Tabel multiselect Set<Object> new ticketmaster enhancement critical
#8106 LazyLoading Widgetset should be documented in the Book of Vaadin new Marko Gronroos task critical
#8184 Create automated tests for FieldGroup new ticketmaster task critical
#8185 Create automated tests for converters new ticketmaster task critical
#8360 Setting empty string to null representation does not work new ticketmaster defect critical
#8564 Bugs in calendar when moving an event and DST change new John Ahlroos defect critical
#8622 Weekly View changes day-of-week order when passing DST change new John Ahlroos defect critical
#8731 Improve chapter about Vaadin Timeline in Book new Marko Gronroos enhancement critical Vaadin Timeline 1.3.0
#8858 NPE in AbstractApplicationServlet -> getExistingApplication new ticketmaster defect critical
#8944 Add support for GWT unit cache to Eclipse plug-in assigned Marc Englund enhancement critical
#9079 Move server side related parts of com.vaadin.Vaadin to DefaultWidgetSet new ticketmaster enhancement critical
#9158 Height of event in week view are wrong new John Ahlroos defect critical
#9309 Misplacing a client/server shared class causes only cryptic error message new ticketmaster defect critical
#9348 Automated load tests with ShortcutActions new ticketmaster defect critical
#9385 Support easy inclusion/exclusion of individual components from themes new ticketmaster enhancement critical
#9476 Allow icons to be placed "inside" a TextField without resorting to layout and CSS new ticketmaster enhancement critical
#9496 Write "Mixing Vaadin themes" tutorial new Marc Englund task critical
#9526 Document the new session/context/configuration/service/servlet setup new Marko Gronroos task critical
#9629 vaadin-archetype-application must not create empty widget set new ticketmaster defect critical
#9748 FieldGroupFieldFactory.createField could have propertyId as parameter new ticketmaster defect critical
#9782 Move VaadinSession storage logic to VaadinService new enhancement critical
#9812 Remove VaadinPortletSession new ticketmaster enhancement critical
#9922 Move hierarchy related code in Accordion to onConnectorHierarchyChange new ticketmaster enhancement critical
#9942 Managing class loaders with OSGi new enhancement critical
#10103 ComboBox filter problem new ticketmaster defect critical
#10196 SQLContainer isModified incorrect assigned ticketmaster enhancement critical
#10209 Progress indicators in table components cause page to scroll when they update new ticketmaster defect critical
#10274 Fix all examples new Marko Gronroos defect critical
#10278 Update use of forms new Marko Gronroos defect critical
#10279 Revise the formatting and editing of data in Table new Marko Gronroos defect critical
#10285 last root node on Tree with style BaseTheme.TREE_CONNECTORS does not render icon new ticketmaster defect critical
#10314 Finalize sass compiler API new ticketmaster task critical
#10331 Remove unnecessary subwindow/popupview/menubar popup/... selectors from all themes new ticketmaster task critical
#10336 Move @media print from themes to separate mixin new enhancement critical
#10379 Cannot read property 'style' of null when extension is missing client side class new ticketmaster defect critical
#10393 Update error handler documentation new Marko Gronroos defect critical
#10407 Allow selection of which theme to extend new ticketmaster enhancement critical
#10429 Plugin should add <threadsafe> to appengine-web.xml when creating GAE project new ticketmaster defect critical
#10456 Can't scroll down submenus using the scrollbar when MenuBar.isAutoOpen() == true new ticketmaster defect critical
#10548 Document limitations in Sass compiler new ticketmaster task critical Vaadin Sass Compiler 1.0
#10575 HierarchicalContainer.addItemAt() does not do anything new ticketmaster defect critical
#10612 Property.ValueChangeEvent does not specify the item on which the value changed new ticketmaster enhancement critical
#10634 Figure out a better solution for extra scrollbars in IE new ticketmaster enhancement critical
#10736 Property$ReadOnlyException on OptionGroup when using PropertyDataSource new ticketmaster defect critical
#10837 Ivy libraries should be added first on the classpath, not last new Henri Sara defect critical
#10880 colorpicker.Color contains invalid equals() and hashcode() new ticketmaster defect critical
#10971 All RPC stuff from classpath ends up in widgetsets new defect critical
#11089 SCSS compiler cannot handle Unicode content new ticketmaster defect critical
#11109 Clicking to open a tree node randomly moves to previously selected item reopened Patrik Lindstrom defect critical
#11121 Remove Helvetica Rounded Bold and Helvetica Light from version control new Tomi Virkki task critical
#11161 Design HTML5 sample new Jouni Koivuviita task critical
#11174 Error message when creating Vaadin 6 Project and forgetting to select Vaadin version new ticketmaster defect critical
#11197 Using text change listener in Android ruins the whole field new ticketmaster defect critical
#11223 NPE in new Vaadin Widget wizard with Maven projects new ticketmaster defect critical
#11255 Write sample property descriptions assigned Marko Gronroos task critical
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