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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#7690 in Mobile Safari, dragging Button causes ClickEvent when it shouldn't new ticketmaster defect blocker
#7920 PortletListener hasn't called in Liferay 6.1.0-B3 new ticketmaster defect blocker
#8553 window content changing upon dragging new ticketmaster defect blocker
#9649 CustomLayout sets height of component to zero on resize (randomly) new ticketmaster defect blocker
#9785 All public methods in AbstractField should be declared in interfaces new ticketmaster enhancement blocker
#10135 ALWAYS put a wrapper div around TextField's <input /> element reopened ticketmaster enhancement blocker
#14450 Tabsheet close button not shown on tabsheet (Firefox 24) reviewing Jouni Koivuviita defect blocker Vaadin 7.3.1
#2392 Decide on which methods to make protected for the most used UI components new ticketmaster task critical
#2458 Make implementing Container's easier new ticketmaster enhancement critical
#4232 Design a lazy loading table which does not know the total number of rows new ticketmaster task critical
#7358 Table Inside Table new Artur Signell enhancement critical
#7935 All components is not ready for long caption new ticketmaster defect critical
#8063 Tabel multiselect Set<Object> new ticketmaster enhancement critical
#8184 Create automated tests for FieldGroup new ticketmaster task critical
#8185 Create automated tests for converters new ticketmaster task critical
#8564 Bugs in calendar when moving an event and DST change new John Ahlroos defect critical
#8622 Weekly View changes day-of-week order when passing DST change new John Ahlroos defect critical
#8858 NPE in AbstractApplicationServlet -> getExistingApplication new ticketmaster defect critical
#9079 Move server side related parts of com.vaadin.Vaadin to DefaultWidgetSet new ticketmaster enhancement critical
#9158 Height of event in week view are wrong new John Ahlroos defect critical
#9309 Misplacing a client/server shared class causes only cryptic error message new ticketmaster defect critical
#9348 Automated load tests with ShortcutActions new ticketmaster defect critical
#9385 Support easy inclusion/exclusion of individual components from themes new ticketmaster enhancement critical
#9476 Allow icons to be placed "inside" a TextField without resorting to layout and CSS new ticketmaster enhancement critical
#9748 FieldGroupFieldFactory.createField could have propertyId as parameter new ticketmaster defect critical
#9782 Move VaadinSession storage logic to VaadinService new enhancement critical
#9812 Remove VaadinPortletSession new ticketmaster enhancement critical
#9922 Move hierarchy related code in Accordion to onConnectorHierarchyChange new ticketmaster enhancement critical
#9942 Managing class loaders with OSGi new enhancement critical
#10103 ComboBox filter problem new ticketmaster defect critical
#10196 SQLContainer isModified incorrect assigned ticketmaster enhancement critical
#10209 Progress indicators in table components cause page to scroll when they update new ticketmaster defect critical
#10285 last root node on Tree with style BaseTheme.TREE_CONNECTORS does not render icon new ticketmaster defect critical
#10331 Remove unnecessary subwindow/popupview/menubar popup/... selectors from all themes new ticketmaster task critical
#10336 Move @media print from themes to separate mixin new enhancement critical
#10379 Cannot read property 'style' of null when extension is missing client side class new ticketmaster defect critical
#10456 Can't scroll down submenus using the scrollbar when MenuBar.isAutoOpen() == true new ticketmaster defect critical
#10575 HierarchicalContainer.addItemAt() does not do anything new ticketmaster defect critical
#10612 Property.ValueChangeEvent does not specify the item on which the value changed new ticketmaster enhancement critical
#10634 Figure out a better solution for extra scrollbars in IE new ticketmaster enhancement critical
#10736 Property$ReadOnlyException on OptionGroup when using PropertyDataSource new ticketmaster defect critical
#10880 colorpicker.Color contains invalid equals() and hashcode() new ticketmaster defect critical
#10971 All RPC stuff from classpath ends up in widgetsets new defect critical
#11089 SCSS compiler cannot handle Unicode content new ticketmaster defect critical
#11109 Clicking to open a tree node randomly moves to previously selected item reopened Patrik Lindstrom defect critical
#11197 Using text change listener in Android ruins the whole field new ticketmaster defect critical
#11362 SQLContainer - combobox filtering new ticketmaster defect critical
#11493 Push support for portals new ticketmaster enhancement critical
#11566 Opening/closing tree nodes does not work in Android 2.3 new ticketmaster defect critical
#12243 Vaadin Calendar: Navigation to invisible days of week assigned hp279 defect critical
#12512 HTTP Streaming on Jetty 6 does not work new ticketmaster defect critical
#12521 calendar visible hours of day invalid shows invalid dates(week/day view) reviewing hp279 defect critical
#12622 NPE in Push for GlassFish 4.0 new ticketmaster defect critical
#13048 GWT RPC does not work out of the box new ticketmaster defect critical
#13352 Serious MEMORY LEAK in com.vaadin.ui.Table causing OutOfMemoryError. assigned ticketmaster defect critical
#13429 OSGi: vaadin-theme-compiler imports package org.w3c.css.sac which is not available as OSGi bundle new ticketmaster defect critical
#13435 Streaming reconnect fails when there is pending requests new ticketmaster defect critical
#13515 PushHandle.onStateChange should handle isClosedByApplication and isClosedByClient new ticketmaster defect critical
#13791 Updating a table or adding a row in table in very slow :( new ticketmaster defect critical
#14522 Update to GWT 2.7 new Leif Astrand enhancement critical Vaadin 7.4
#14574 FormLayout has always an odd 12px horizontal margin reviewing Jouni Koivuviita defect critical
#86 Source component and invalid value to InvalidValueException new Marc Englund enhancement major
#1243 Enable developers to click on UI to find the addComponent call/line in source code new Jani Laakso enhancement major
#1290 Enhanced control flow: Component level control for enabling and disabling events new Joonas Lehtinen enhancement major
#1639 Test releases with different network profiles (localhost vs. slow latency / throughput) new Marko Gronroos task major
#1685 Combobox paging should be replaced with decent scrollable dropdown new Marko Gronroos enhancement major
#1849 Support for cookies new Marko Gronroos enhancement major
#1948 Implement RadioButton assigned ticketmaster enhancement major
#1950 Tree should show the expand/collapse icon only if node actually has children new Marko Gronroos enhancement major
#1962 Autogeneration of shortcut keys or html accesskeys from field captions new Marko Gronroos enhancement major
#2071 Abstract implementations for Table.ColumnGenerators and FieldFactories that provide component caching assigned ticketmaster enhancement major
#2461 Add ability to dynamically disable a right click popup menu item for Tree new ticketmaster enhancement major
#2469 Embedded image should be told about actual size new ticketmaster enhancement major
#2588 Datefield component date selection with 1-12 (or 1-24 when using 24 hour clock) new ticketmaster enhancement major
#2614 Loading indicator for the Tree widget and overall node loading performance new ticketmaster enhancement major
#2620 Rich-text area with add picture from local disk new ticketmaster enhancement major
#2686 Support for loading external js-libraries from customlayout templates new ticketmaster enhancement major
#2772 Drag tab and make into window effect new ticketmaster enhancement major
#3093 Support RTL languages new Leif Astrand enhancement major
#3171 Table should support partial updates new ticketmaster enhancement major Vaadin 7.4
#3406 100%x100% sub window produces extra scrollbars in the parent view in IE7 reopened ticketmaster defect major
#3779 Implement TabSheet.Tab.setClosable for VAccordion new ticketmaster enhancement major
#3928 Better error handling for rendering errors new ticketmaster enhancement major
#4191 Template files for CustomLayouts should be loaded from the portal-wide VAADIN directory new ticketmaster defect major
#4200 Pressing ESC-key in Firefox cancels active XHR-request causing Communication Problem assigned Matti Tahvonen defect major
#4246 Table should support scrolling during a drag'n'drop operation new ticketmaster enhancement major
#4247 Tree should support node expansion during a drag'n'drop operation new ticketmaster enhancement major
#4312 Get the Column/Property from a Table context menu Action new ticketmaster enhancement major
#4633 Double clicking on resizer in a table header should auto-size the column new ticketmaster enhancement major
#5034 TabSheet - "Add new tab" button new ticketmaster enhancement major
#5067 Table.setContainerDataSource should retain sort order new ticketmaster defect major
#5210 Allow the row height in Calendar to be specified new ticketmaster enhancement major
#5450 Table headers fixed in Opera when scrolling new defect major
#5514 Implement drag'n'drop support in HorizontalLayout new enhancement major
#5515 Implement drag'n'drop support in VerticalLayout new John Ahlroos enhancement major
#5516 Implement drag'n'drop support in GridLayout new John Ahlroos enhancement major
#5542 Support adding components to Table header and footer new ticketmaster enhancement major Vaadin 7.4
#5716 Vaadin applications do not work on localhost without a network connection (Windows) new ticketmaster defect major
#5755 NPE in AbstractCommunicationManager when calling Application.close in Liferay environment new ticketmaster defect major
#5793 Clicking on header to sort a table scrolls it to the top new ticketmaster defect major
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