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Ticket Summary Status Type Priority Milestone Component
#11363 Add instructions on Dev Mode and Super Dev Mode to Github readme accepted enhancement undefined Documentation
#9781 Change table columns count accepted defect major Core Framework
#13249 Client does not stop heartbeats when UI is stopped accepted defect undefined Core Framework
#5895 Component names in the component palette and search patterns new task normal Plug-in for Eclipse backlog Visual Designer
#11816 Create integration test for Liferay 6.2 accepted task major Testing
#1781 Document Vaadin version numbering system assigned task major Documentation backlog Build and Packaging
#11907 Document and make contribution process easier new task critical Documentation
#11299 Implement automated merge from 7.0 to master accepted task undefined Development Environment
#11858 Make the maximum number of days in the Calendar control configurable. new enhancement undefined Core Framework
#13617 NPE when session expires if session expiration messages texts have been removed accepted defect undefined Vaadin 7.1.15 Core Framework
#2920 Refactor Sizeable interface new task normal Vaadin Backlog Core Framework
#13529 Session expired not shown for websocket connections accepted defect undefined Core Framework
#7358 Table Inside Table new enhancement critical Core Framework
#5288 Test using Safari 7 accepted task critical Testing
#11832 URL Encoding for atmosphere PUSH request accepted defect undefined Core Framework
#10550 calendar action handler problem new defect undefined Core Framework
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