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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Milestone Priority
#4081 Session expires even though the Liferay session is automatically extended reopened ticketmaster defect Directory backlog blocker
#7528 Window as SessionScoped CDI Bean and method new ticketmaster defect blocker
#7690 in Mobile Safari, dragging Button causes ClickEvent when it shouldn't new ticketmaster defect blocker
#7866 bug in Average Votes text on blog assigned Tomi Virkki defect blocker
#7920 PortletListener hasn't called in Liferay 6.1.0-B3 new ticketmaster defect blocker
#7979 emoticons should be ignored in code blocks assigned Tomi Virkki defect blocker
#8553 window content changing upon dragging new ticketmaster defect blocker
#9401 "Report a bug" search should query for "Summary CONTAINS keyword" assigned Tomi Virkki defect blocker
#9649 CustomLayout sets height of component to zero on resize (randomly) new ticketmaster defect blocker
#9785 All public methods in AbstractField should be declared in interfaces new ticketmaster enhancement blocker
#10135 ALWAYS put a wrapper div around TextField's <input /> element reopened ticketmaster enhancement blocker
#10233 Write blog post about service API and how things relate to each other new Marc Englund task blocker
#10234 Write blog post about how to serve a PDF file new Marc Englund task blocker
#10275 Revise ComponentContainer API changes new Marko Gronroos defect Book of Vaadin 7 Edition 4th Revision blocker
#10544 typing in ComboBox causes Internal Error reopened ticketmaster defect blocker
#11112 Can't save file with compilation errors new ticketmaster defect blocker
#11256 Review related links for each sample assigned Marko Gronroos task Sampler 2.1 blocker
#11671 Measure performance of websockets and XHR new Marc Englund task blocker
#13043 Make Eclipse 'New TouchKit Project' new ticketmaster enhancement blocker
#14124 Embedded applications get no theme class name (regression by #2874) reviewing Artur Signell task Vaadin 7.3.0.beta2 blocker
#14204 Vaadin Window close not working new ticketmaster defect blocker
#14268 Vaadin Charts click listeners are invoked only after a mouse move or a second click accepted Markus Koivisto defect blocker
#14339 Regression: Classic Android Browser (no Chrome) does not show TK apps new Marc Englund defect Vaadin TouchKit 4.0.0.rc1 blocker
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