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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#11256 Review related links for each sample assigned Marko Gronroos task blocker
#2392 Decide on which methods to make protected for the most used UI components new ticketmaster task critical
#7488 Demo SQLContainer in Sampler new ticketmaster task critical
#9629 vaadin-archetype-application must not create empty widget set new ticketmaster defect critical
#9748 FieldGroupFieldFactory.createField could have propertyId as parameter new ticketmaster defect critical
#11223 NPE in new Vaadin Widget wizard with Maven projects new ticketmaster defect critical
#11255 Write sample property descriptions assigned Marko Gronroos task critical
#12622 NPE in Push for GlassFish 4.0 new ticketmaster defect critical
#1685 Combobox paging should be replaced with decent scrollable dropdown new Marko Gronroos enhancement major
#1781 Document Vaadin version numbering system assigned Artur Signell task major
#1849 Support for cookies new Marko Gronroos enhancement major
#2686 Support for loading external js-libraries from customlayout templates new ticketmaster enhancement major
#3171 Table should support partial updates new ticketmaster enhancement major Vaadin 7.4
#3324 Document eclipse wizard for creating portlets new Marko Gronroos task major
#6365 Optimize VGridLayout by detecting common use cases and choosing optimal rendering mode new ticketmaster enhancement major
#7382 New package structure for Sampler 2.0 new ticketmaster enhancement major
#7512 More explicit support for Spring autowiring new ticketmaster task major
#7841 Ensure section 508 compatibility new ticketmaster task major
#9131 RichTextArea can not be scrolled in iOS new ticketmaster defect major
#13710 Make setting viewport meta tag easy new ticketmaster enhancement major
#2946 Sample: Tabsheet styles new Marc Englund enhancement normal
#3135 Support for displayname in beans for BeanItem and Form new ticketmaster enhancement normal
#3150 Bandbox new Leif Astrand enhancement normal
#3152 Table "detail" -column new Leif Astrand enhancement normal
#3153 Auxiliary headers for Table new ticketmaster enhancement normal Vaadin 7.4
#3159 Faster continuous update for SplitPane new Leif Astrand enhancement normal
#3281 Tree collapse/expand should animate new ticketmaster enhancement normal
#3287 Prototype flat mode in Liferay Mail Portlet new ticketmaster task normal
#3288 Implement Lazy-initialization mode support in Liferay Mail Portlet new Leif Astrand enhancement normal
#3356 Embedded component should show "loading animation" while image is loading new ticketmaster enhancement normal
#3361 Add support for Container.size() throwing UnsupportedOperationException new ticketmaster enhancement normal
#3581 Action handlers for context menus should be documented in the Book new Marko Gronroos enhancement normal
#3868 All UI Component interface implementors should provide BeanInfo and provide event set descriptors new ticketmaster enhancement normal
#4155 Decide if we need more control for session timeouts new Leif Astrand enhancement normal
#4171 Test that directory logging works and preserves useful information assigned Tomi Virkki task normal
#4198 Redesigned "debug window" with theme editing new ticketmaster enhancement normal
#4239 Consider removing i-app-loading class later in IView to make loading screens show longer new ticketmaster task normal
#4307 Composite layout for forms new ticketmaster enhancement normal
#4363 Add possibility to add actions to Select popup new Leif Astrand enhancement normal
#4381 Write a set of unit tests for Vaadin API:s in Scala new ticketmaster enhancement normal
#4382 Write a set of unit tests for Vaadin API:s in Groovy new ticketmaster enhancement normal
#4413 Add possibility to check if current browser supports HTML5 DnD new ticketmaster enhancement normal
#5234 Add grouping and summaries to Table new Leif Astrand enhancement normal
#5246 Modality should be checked on server-side new ticketmaster defect normal
#5384 Consider adding lang attribute to input element in textfield new ticketmaster enhancement normal
#5584 Make year editable in DateField caledar popup new ticketmaster enhancement normal
#5695 CSS rule and style injection API new enhancement normal
#5787 Create a wrapper for GWT Cell List, Cell Table, Cell Tree and Cell Browser new ticketmaster enhancement normal
#5905 Package a version of Devoxx calendar as well placed demo for Vaadin new ticketmaster task normal
#6096 Document and promote use of HttpOnly header new Marko Gronroos task normal
#6137 Min-Max limits for component width/height new ticketmaster enhancement normal
#6176 Validation error for body scroll="auto" new ticketmaster defect normal
#6177 Use ul/li for Tree and MenuBar for accessibility new Leif Astrand enhancement normal
#6179 Add html lang attribute from selected locale new Leif Astrand enhancement normal
#6181 Add a possibility for setting ALT for Icons new Leif Astrand enhancement normal
#6182 Use TH for cols and rows in Table for better accessibility new Leif Astrand enhancement normal
#6243 Facilitate use of weak references for listeners new ticketmaster enhancement normal
#6349 Stateless Mode new ticketmaster enhancement normal
#6352 Support for static DOM before GWT is loaded new ticketmaster task normal
#6353 Faster application startup by including initial UIDL and non-cacheable part of widgetset directly in the initial HTML reopened ticketmaster task normal
#6447 Add version number to JavaDoc:s new Jonatan Kronqvist enhancement normal
#6479 Remove pathinfo for multiapp.html new ticketmaster defect normal
#6733 Hook for live translators new ticketmaster enhancement normal
#6756 Integrate LazyLoadWrapper to core or provide similar functionality new Leif Astrand task normal
#7116 Combobox should have an option to select all text on click new ticketmaster enhancement normal
#7118 Waiting for UIDL spinner redesign new ticketmaster enhancement normal
#7124 Increase likehood for eclipse to open compatible java files in visual designer new ticketmaster enhancement normal
#7148 Locally run Sampler fails to start if network is not working new ticketmaster defect normal
#7149 Allow editing "immediate" property in Visual Editor new ticketmaster enhancement normal
#7150 Allow editing "enabled" property in Visual Editor new ticketmaster enhancement normal
#7194 Support Scala as visually editable language new ticketmaster enhancement normal
#7207 Easy API for plugging in UI state storage engines new ticketmaster enhancement normal
#7234 Investigate and plan for solution: Upload with Google App Engine new ticketmaster task normal
#7774 CDI injected window component does not refresh new ticketmaster defect normal
#11122 Subwindow footer has noise on retina displays with reindeer theme new ticketmaster defect normal
#11123 Drag from desctop sample should be themed new Tomi Virkki enhancement normal
#11226 Generate source maps for SCSS when not in production mode new ticketmaster enhancement normal
#11276 Implement delayed directed submenu selection for MenuBar reopened ticketmaster enhancement normal
#11337 Tabsheet looks noicy on retina display new ticketmaster defect normal
#11347 Design tree-side-panel for Sampler new Joonas Lehtinen task normal
#11416 Mark vaadin versions not already downloaded on the new project versions list new ticketmaster enhancement normal
#11930 Combobox down arrow is hard to hit on iphone new Matti Tahvonen defect normal
#11959 UI selection convention for inner class servlets new ticketmaster enhancement normal
#162 Table should be sortable by rowheader/id as well new Matti Tahvonen enhancement minor
#1755 Add disclosure style for Panel new Marko Gronroos enhancement minor
#1994 Assure that documentation (manual and javadocs) clearly state that paint / paintContents must not have any side-effects new Marko Gronroos defect minor
#2088 Document ItemClickEvents for Table and Tree new Marko Gronroos task minor
#2631 Align select options to the text even when there are icons new ticketmaster enhancement minor
#2685 Notification messages should stack new ticketmaster enhancement minor
#2948 Demo various subwindow styles in Sampler new Marc Englund enhancement minor
#3154 SpreadSheet component new Leif Astrand enhancement minor
#3228 Support sessions without cookies accepted magdenkov enhancement minor
#3282 Selectable tables should show subtle hi-light for rows mouse hovers over new ticketmaster enhancement minor
#3283 Animate table column drag target space indicator new ticketmaster enhancement minor
#3284 Scrolling banner selector widget new ticketmaster enhancement minor
#3672 CustomLayout should execute templates JavaScript in correct window context new ticketmaster defect minor
#3978 Redesign and redraw the diagrams in the Book of Vaadin new Marko Gronroos task minor
#3980 Create an example app for programming Vaadin in Groovy new ticketmaster enhancement minor
#4220 Table bugs with over million rows new ticketmaster defect minor
#4420 IntelliJ IDEA integration plugin new ticketmaster enhancement minor
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