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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#2458 Make implementing Container's easier new ticketmaster enhancement critical Vaadin Backlog
#8360 Setting empty string to null representation does not work new ticketmaster defect critical
#8701 Vaadin XS broken with Safari new ticketmaster defect critical
#10971 All RPC stuff from classpath ends up in widgetsets new defect critical
#11197 Using text change listener in Android ruins the whole field new ticketmaster defect critical
#11566 Opening/closing tree nodes does not work in Android 2.3 new ticketmaster defect critical
#14238 Immediate upload with Valo is broken accepted Sami Ekblad defect critical
#1962 Autogeneration of shortcut keys or html accesskeys from field captions new Marko Gronroos enhancement major Vaadin Backlog
#2409 Document usage of icons in Tree new Marko Gronroos task major Documentation backlog
#9484 ContextMenu don't work in Tree with touch devices new ticketmaster defect major
#11437 Client side shared state may contain references to abandoned connectors new ticketmaster defect major
#12049 Client side execution should be deterministic new ticketmaster enhancement major
#12051 Client side API has bad documentation new ticketmaster defect major
#13831 Built in support for "self-contained" vaadin portlet packaging new ticketmaster enhancement major
#13835 Bring portal/portlet part of the Book up to date new Marko Gronroos defect major Book of Vaadin 7 Edition 4th Revision
#2814 Build manual chapter of column width handling in Table new Marko Gronroos enhancement normal Documentation backlog
#3586 Widgetset compiler should search non-vaadin GWT modules better new ticketmaster enhancement normal Plug-in for Eclipse backlog
#3612 Analyze layouts cant separate "composite" components from components with client side implementation new ticketmaster enhancement normal Vaadin Backlog
#4473 VWindow auto sizing should have a proper limit check new ticketmaster defect normal Vaadin Backlog
#5218 TextField's ValueChangeEvent could provide a detail about cursor position new ticketmaster enhancement normal Vaadin Backlog
#5219 Sampler: Sample of Focusable components new ticketmaster enhancement normal Demos backlog
#5220 Sampler: Sample of text selection/cursor position features in TextField new ticketmaster task normal Demos backlog
#5221 Document text selection methods in TextField in the manual new Marko Gronroos task normal Documentation backlog
#5493 Table should have API to specify "locked columns" for column re-ordering new ticketmaster enhancement normal Vaadin Backlog
#6853 Enhance tabbing order/focus handling in "editable" Table new ticketmaster enhancement normal
#6873 Context menus should pop up on top of touch new ticketmaster enhancement normal Directory backlog
#7089 Properties files are in wrong location new Marko Gronroos defect normal
#8596 Long tree is jumpy when opening nodes if another node is selected new ticketmaster defect normal Maintenance backlog
#10577 Split TouchKit to client (,shared) and server modules new Matti Tahvonen enhancement normal
#11701 Add support for axis.setExtremes(...) method for dynamic axis adjustment new Matti Tahvonen enhancement normal Vaadin Charts backlog
#12038 Change JSON library to Jackson new Matti Tahvonen enhancement normal Vaadin Charts backlog
#12611 Loading indicator shouldn't used from icon font new Matti Tahvonen defect normal
#12794 Widgetset updater adds existing inherits to GWT modules new ticketmaster defect normal
#13221 Default null representation should be empty string new ticketmaster enhancement normal
#935 Multitple file upload new Jani Laakso enhancement minor Vaadin Backlog
#4305 DateField blur event fires when focus gets to the "calendar button" new ticketmaster defect minor Maintenance backlog
#5020 add scrollTo(Component) method to Panel new ticketmaster enhancement minor Vaadin Backlog
#6239 IntroduceValidityChangeEvent new ticketmaster enhancement minor Vaadin Backlog
#6819 Support column resizing in Table on touch devices new ticketmaster enhancement minor Vaadin Backlog
#7879 JPAContainer should use EventRouter instead of own bookkeeping for listeners new ticketmaster enhancement minor JPAContainer backlog
#8229 JPAContainer FieldFactory should work with fields configured with targetEntity attribute new ticketmaster defect minor JPAContainer backlog
#10680 Tooltip.setCrosshairs can't be defined per axis new Matti Tahvonen enhancement minor Vaadin Charts backlog
#11135 Implement VSwipeView scrolling (vertical) with native new Matti Tahvonen enhancement minor
#11242 CacheManifestStatusIndicator could automatically reload app in some situations new Matti Tahvonen enhancement minor TouchKit backlog
#11578 Popover in Android2 devices don't work properly new Matti Tahvonen defect minor TouchKit backlog
#11593 VerticalComponentGroup caption in other but CssLayout is non themed new Matti Tahvonen enhancement minor TouchKit backlog
#4398 OptionGroups fire blur events too late new ticketmaster defect trivial Vaadin Backlog
#6721 Keyboard shortcuts dont't work in Opera11 on Mac new ticketmaster defect trivial
#9256 new combobox implementation new enhancement undefined TouchKit backlog
#9321 ClientConnector should have getExtension(Class) method new ticketmaster enhancement undefined Vaadin Backlog
#9467 Displaying column with width causes client side exception new ticketmaster defect undefined
#10979 SharedState javadoc talks about interface although it is a class new Marko Gronroos defect undefined
#10990 TextField.setInputPrompt(String) should be renamed to setPlaceholder new ticketmaster enhancement undefined
#11505 Server side visit is sluggish in V7 new ticketmaster defect undefined
#12934 SimpleViewDisplay is discussed in documentation, but the type cannot be found new ticketmaster defect undefined
#13131 Full size components in AbsoluteLayout gets undefined size new ticketmaster defect undefined
#13166 Starting jetty could activate the console new ticketmaster enhancement undefined
#13466 Button with just icon looks bad new ticketmaster defect undefined
#13468 There should be option to configure mutation animation duration new Marc Englund enhancement undefined
#13471 Default Java version for projects new ticketmaster enhancement undefined
#13478 Ensure Vaadin CDI works without beans.xml in Java EE 7 containers new Henri Sara defect undefined
#13523 Error notification is under Window accepted denis defect undefined
#13566 Error views for CDIViewProvider don't know why it was loaded new Henri Sara enhancement undefined
#13653 Use by default new ticketmaster enhancement undefined
#13698 A stable version should be chosen for new Vaadin projects accepted denis defect undefined
#13700 VaadinServletConfiguration annotation should expose "Resources" new ticketmaster enhancement undefined
#13701 "Resources" init parameter should be documented in the Book new Marko Gronroos defect undefined
#13832 Vaadin Liferay Portlet Archetype should have PortletRequest usage in app stub new ticketmaster enhancement undefined
#13833 Liferay config files created by Vaadin Eclipse plugin uses ancient version of config new ticketmaster defect undefined
#13860 add addRemoveComponents(Component..components) method to layouts new ticketmaster enhancement undefined
#13864 setSelectable in Table could be made intelligent, like setImmediate is nowadays new ticketmaster enhancement undefined
#13901 Deploy pre release releases to separate repository new ticketmaster defect undefined
#13902 Add method to control call order of @OnStateChage methods new ticketmaster enhancement undefined
#13928 Add icon "aliases" for FontAwesome new ticketmaster enhancement undefined
#13948 Fields should be somewhat well styled also outside form layout/verticalcomponentgroup new Marc Englund defect undefined
#13953 TouchKit component containers don't have constructors with "Component..." parameters new Marc Englund enhancement undefined
#13966 Client compilation fails in some cases with Java7 new ticketmaster defect undefined
#14042 Plugin expects the theme is always available in project new ticketmaster defect undefined
#14112 Empty rows in Table are badly styles new ticketmaster defect undefined
#14113 MarginInfo should have constructor with two booleans: vertical, horizontal new ticketmaster enhancement undefined
#14241 Visual designer should have a way to exclude some custom components new ticketmaster enhancement undefined
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