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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#5793 Clicking on header to sort a table scrolls it to the top new ticketmaster defect major
#5798 Scrolling possible in a disabled Table new ticketmaster defect major
#5848 Design and implement a "wireframe" theme new Jouni Koivuviita task major
#5859 Problem with expiring of session new ticketmaster defect major
#5774 CustomLayout setTemplateContents() won't work if layout has already been painted new ticketmaster defect normal
#5777 DateField components need ability to set getFirstDayOfTheWeek new Leif Astrand enhancement normal
#5790 AbstractOrderedLayout.setExpandRatio should be named setComponentExpandRatio for consistency new ticketmaster enhancement normal
#5816 Closing PopupView by clicking programmed show button is buggy new ticketmaster defect normal
#5825 Required + Read-only on a form field new ticketmaster defect normal
#5838 Cannot edit table fields when the table is wrapped in DragAndDropWrapper new ticketmaster defect normal
#5862 Undo/Redo support for reparenting components new ticketmaster enhancement normal
#5864 HierarchicalContainer.getChildren(Object itemId) returns null. assigned hp279 defect normal
#5871 Generic container junit tests new Leif Astrand enhancement normal
#5878 ClassPathExplorer path problem new ticketmaster defect normal
#5889 Bad rule for selected tab after closing one new ticketmaster enhancement normal
#6011 No possibility to remove the components of a certain type effectively new Leif Astrand enhancement normal
#5791 Sort indicator not shown when header is empty new ticketmaster defect minor
#5872 VCaption should be created with GWT.create() new ticketmaster enhancement minor
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