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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#7581 Demo MaskedTextField add-on in Sampler Jonatan Kronqvist task normal Sampler

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#6292 Mail portlet MessageContainer is broken ticketmaster defect critical Demos 6.4.9
#4123 Clicking on a sample inside a category reloads the whole page (IE7) ticketmaster defect major Sampler 6.2.3
#4464 Allow filtering of sample tree ticketmaster enhancement major Sampler 6.3.0.pre1
#7086 Address completion for recipients, tablet version ticketmaster task major Demos
#2713 Sample: client caching Marc Englund enhancement normal Sampler
#2786 Sample: Theming components Marc Englund task normal Sampler 5.3.0
#2858 Sample: Table column widths Marc Englund task normal Sampler 5.3.1
#2946 Sample: Tabsheet styles Marc Englund enhancement normal Sampler trunk
#3287 Prototype flat mode in Liferay Mail Portlet ticketmaster task normal Demos 6.1.0-pre1
#3288 Implement Lazy-initialization mode support in Liferay Mail Portlet Leif Astrand enhancement normal Core Framework 6.1.0-pre1
#3781 Review Sampler sample/category descriptions Marko Gronroos task normal Sampler
#3888 Create more samples to "Forms and Data Model" category ticketmaster enhancement normal Sampler 6.2.0
#3937 Sample: Tree.ItemStyleGenerator ticketmaster task normal Sampler 6.2.0
#5219 Sampler: Sample of Focusable components Jouni Koivuviita enhancement normal Sampler 6.3.4
#5220 Sampler: Sample of text selection/cursor position features in TextField ticketmaster task normal Sampler 6.4-trunk
#5905 Package a version of Devoxx calendar as well placed demo for Vaadin ticketmaster task normal Demos
#6575 Sampler should use browser locale for formatting, not server ticketmaster defect normal Sampler 6.5.2
#8935 Create and deploy source maps enabled Sampler ticketmaster task normal Demos 6.8.0
#2707 Duplicate Tree example Marc Englund defect minor Sampler 5.3.0-rc12
#2948 Demo various subwindow styles in Sampler Marc Englund enhancement minor Sampler trunk
#2655 Sampler should link to reference manual Marc Englund enhancement undefined Sampler 5.3.0-rc11
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