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Ticket Summary Type Owner Priority Component Version
#3698 TabSheet: Check enabled&visible status on each selected/closed state change defect ticketmaster major Component 6.1.4
#3699 TwinColSelect de-selection logic has a fault defect John Ahlroos minor Component - client side 6.1.4
#4251 ArithmeticException when changing Select pageLength to 0 defect Artur Signell minor Core Framework 6.2.5
#4427 Updating sub-window position information back to server should not call requestRepaint defect Artur Signell normal Component
#4505 SelectedTabChangeListeners are not fired when current tab gets disabled defect ticketmaster normal Component 6.3-trunk
#4568 DevelopmentServerLauncher for 6.3.0 hardcoded httpPort to 8888 defect ticketmaster trivial Demos 6.3.0
#4641 Adding the same component multiple times to a TabSheet causes NPE defect ticketmaster minor Core Framework 6.3.2
#5011 Null pointer dereference in AbstractField, Form and Panel defect ticketmaster normal Core Framework 6.3.2
#5013 ObjectProperty setReadOnly() does not work with TextField defect Henri Sara critical Component 6.3.2
#5053 Last ComboBox item may not be shown if null selection enabled defect ticketmaster major Component - client side 6.3.2
#5082 Subwindow width wrong when contents is 100%x100% defect Artur Signell minor Component - client side 6.3.3
#5083 Filtered ComboBox shows too few options on the first page when null is filtered out defect ticketmaster major Component 6.3-trunk
#5111 Incorrect null check in Panel.removeAction defect Henri Sara major Component 6.3.3
#5127 Disallow null TransactionListener defect Henri Sara normal Core Framework 6.3.3
#5149 AbstractSelect.CaptionChangeListener leaks memory defect ticketmaster major Component 6.3.3
#5152 AbsoluteLayout.ComponentPosition.getTopValue() returns the "right" value defect ticketmaster normal Component 6.3.3
#5157 Shortcut key handling for special key broken defect Henri Sara major Component - client side 6.3.3
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