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Ticket Summary Keywords Status Owner Type Priority
#2442 Error message not shown as popup message when textfield is empty and it's set required textfield form released Artur Signell defect undefined
#4264 Right-click on a component in a table should show the table context menu unless component handles the click TextField context-menu released John Ahlroos enhancement major
#5539 Removing the last shortcut from a window won't completely unregister the shortcut on the client side TextField, setClickShortcut, removeClickShortcut released Artur Signell defect major
#6507 TextField causing Out Of Sync error out of sync, TextField, VTextField released John Ahlroos defect major
#6588 Repainting in TextChangeListener will send wrong value to client. TextField, TextChangeListener, style released Matti Tahvonen defect major
#9940 TextField with setMaxLength+setRequired+setImmediate lose MaxLength HTML attribute TextField MaxLength released John Ahlroos defect major
#5013 ObjectProperty setReadOnly() does not work with TextField PropertyDataSource ObjectProperty TextField released Henri Sara defect critical
#7965 IE: Textfields in tables lose their focus table textfield focus released Johannes Dahlstrom defect critical
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