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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#1229 Documentation: References to ITK-INF directory in chapter "Creating and Using Themes" released Marko Gronroos defect blocker User Interface Library 5.2.0 RC4
#346 Feature Browser restart hangs up in Safari, IE6, IE7; when deployed to real server released Joonas Lehtinen defect major
#372 Feature Browser: Table: column visibility toggle popup is messy released Matti Tahvonen defect major
#373 Feature Browser: Table: Selected darker gray row remains gray released Matti Tahvonen defect major 4.0.3
#3175 Date Field "too big" date handling released Matti Tahvonen enhancement major Vaadin 6.2.0-pre1
#6241 DateField should have a way to limit its value range released Johan Anas enhancement major Vaadin 7.1.0.beta1
#3526 SplitPanel collapse and expand with doubleclick released ticketmaster enhancement normal Vaadin 6.2.0
#6186 Mouse pointer alternative for spinner new Leif Astrand enhancement normal
#6240 TextField should have an option to select all text on click new ticketmaster enhancement normal
#359 Feature Browser: Tree: Unnecessary horizontal scroll bar in IE6/IE7 released Joonas Lehtinen defect minor
#347 Feature Browser: Date Field calendar popup flashes in Safari released Joonas Lehtinen defect trivial
#352 Feature Browser: Table: Can't scroll to bottom of table with scroll bar in FF/Mac released Matti Tahvonen defect trivial
#2636 Typo in Tooltips sample released Marc Englund defect trivial User Interface Library 5.3.0 RC12
#355 Feature Browser: Table: Scrolling to bottom of table outputs HTML code below table in IE6/IE7 released Joonas Lehtinen defect undefined
#766 Empty select-tags in twincol produces "XX" (FF only?) released Matti Tahvonen defect undefined 4.0.3
#1200 Table: Row area is not 100% clickable released Jani Laakso defect undefined
#1228 DateField: setValue(null) doesn't clear field in client released Jani Laakso defect undefined User Interface Library 5.2.0 RC
#2637 Clicked button borders messed up in FF3/Mac new ticketmaster defect undefined
#17413 Borderless button style still fiddling with borders new Leif Astrand defect undefined
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