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This trac is available only for reference and will disappear in the near future.

Please file issues for the appropriate project in GitHub, the Vaadin Framework project is

Add-ons and other projects are typically available as<projectname>

Old page below for reference:

Welcome to Vaadin Trac

Vaadin is an open-source user interface framework, providing widgets and tools for the development of high-quality web applications.

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Contributing code

To contribute code, please read

We follow strict coding conventions within our team. If you wish to contribute code, you must follow them as well.

Technical articles, wiki for Vaadin users
Wiki for Vaadin developers
Release, internal and nightly builds
Browse the sources
How to start development of Vaadin
Other development documents
Hosting personal/prototype applications

Book of Vaadin JavaDoc API Forums

See contribute pages on

Creating bug reports

Writing good quality bug reports is one of the best ways to help with the project. If you believe you have found a bug, register to trac and read instructions: Writing a good ticket

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