Code Camp @ TUT 2009

What is this?

The Department of Software Systems at Tampere University of Technology is organizing a codecamp event this spring. The codecamp is an intensive learn-by-doing course, which focuses on the development of small-scale Open Source web applications.

The codecamp will take place week 21 starting on May 18th and ending on May 22nd.

You can find more information about the schedule at the official course page

Public Chat

Skype: Join Code Camp public skype chat

Getting started with IT Mill Toolkit

You can find more information about the IT Mill Toolkit here. Follow the forums and see our wiki to find ideas and learn what you can do with IT Mill Toolkit. Also make sure you check the list of articles.

Basic tools

Following tools are required:

  • Some IDE (Integrated Development Environment). Eclipse is recommended.
  • Java servlet container like Tomcat or an application server like JBoss
  • A web browser. We like to use Firefox.
  • IT Mill Toolkit itself

Single jar file

For those who are already familiar with Java web applications, IT Mill Toolkit is basically a single jar file which can be copied to WEB-INF/lib.

Eclipse Plugin

Eclipse users find themselves most comfortable with the Eclipse plugin. It simplifies the implementation of new applications, widgets and components. Take a look at the EclipsePlugin page.

Data storage and persistence

If project need a persistence solution (i.e. data stored/shared somewhere between users visits) there are quite a few good solutions available:

Sample Code

There are lot of small sample applications and small components in our incubator area. Please feel free to browse through to get some ideas and implementation details.

From there you can also find some new component not yet included in the core library. Feel free to use them as part of your project. Here are some pics:

Project Ideas

During course you must create some small but working web application using the IT Mill Toolkit. In general we have not limited this in any way, but you must make sure that the application you'll start working with will fit into scope of the course. You can ask about this during the tutorial day.

Here are some ideas for projects, if you don't come up with an idea by yourself you can use one of these:

  • Lunch browser: Most lunch restaurants list their menus in web. Application that uses this information to give a quick overview of available options today would be nice and useful. On a map maybe?
  • Schedule manager - Application to manage your courses and classes on weekly basis.
  • RDBMS - Database management system using JDBC. Something like phpMySQLAdmin.
  • CMS (Content Management system) - Maintain (create, update, delete) HTML web pages. A Simple web page editor using RichTextEdit

Also new components can make a good project. Prototypes of new component or widgets can be small enough to fit the schedule yet have a good possibility to become very popular and make you famous :) (See ) Here are some ideas:

Some ideas may raise from our collection of Integration Experiences

... and as said before: your own ideas are welcome! (but ask before you start coding)

Hosting options

For those wishing to maintain their projects as independent open source projects also in future, we can offer hosting in our "incubator area" Here are the guidelines

Also Java hosting environment at is available for the project on request. Please note that this is only a basic hosting and consider following restrictions:

  • Package your application as a single WAR file.
  • No "real" database is available. Embed the database into your application. Use Apache Derby, db4o or HSQLDB.

For external hosting options see


Project: (name of the project)

Members: (Mayank)

Project Description: (The project uses Google Map to display location of Juvenes Ravintola together with your favourite meal using a google marker. The source code can be found below

Links: (use the name of the project here to create own wiki page)

Project: Simple Notes

Members: Janne Koivisto, Jarno Marttila, Matti Ranta

Project Description: We aim to create a simple tabsheet describing notes for each user-specified area of interest. In the end it should be possible to add, delete and browse notes from this application and perhaps something more.

Links: Simple Notes home page?

Project: MegaTSÄT

Members: Tapio Rautonen, Markku Rikola, Santtu Mikkonen

Project Description: An attempt to create a realtime web chatting application. The application will use IT Mill Toolkit as UI framework. Apache derby along with Hibernate will serve as persistence framework to store chat messages and current chatters. Clients can connect to the server and chat with each other real time. Clients send messages to the server and server will dispatch the messages to all active clients.

Link to project source code and documentation: MegaTsä

Project: LastEvents

Members: Ilkka Auer, Kaisa Liimatainen, Niko Mäkitalo, Feetu Nyrhinen

Project Description: Our project aims at creating an event calendar where music events can be searched. A user types the name of a location and the application searches for current events nearby. API is used to obtain geotagged information about events and Google Maps API is used to present the results on a map.

Links: LastEvents home page

Project: ComicParser

Members: Teemu Suo-Anttila, Janne Virtanen

Project Description: This thing shows comics of some reputated comic-sites. In addition of latest strip, user may also select first, previous and next strip. If the selected site supports these features.

If somebody wanna ask more about it: teemu[ dot ]suo-anttila[ attttt ]

Links: ComicParser home page?

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